Blog Day 2: Scientific Integrity and Scientific Entropy

After all the wonderful and new experiences yesterday had brought us, it was already time for the second day of the ILS. Today, we had the opportunity to gather in one of the buildings of the Utrecht Science Park: the Educatorium, where we were expected in the great lecture hall Theatron (with considerably more comfortable chairs than yesterday).  That most students were still used to their holiday rhythms, was noticeable by today’s “early” start at 9:00, which not everyone was able to make.

Unfortunately, our first speaker, Dr. Franck Meijboom, had become ill. Luckily, our second speaker, Dr. Mariëtte van den Hoven, was so kind to give his lecture as well. With the slides that would also be used in Brussels, Dr. Van den Hoven enlightened us about the ethics of animal use and animal welfare with some nice “aww” reactions to a photograph of a puppy. After that lecture, she told us about the Research Integrity survey we had completed in advance. While some statements and questions were answered just as expected and everyone was, to some extent, a goody two-shoes, other statements were not so clear and immediately gave rise to questions and discussion.

Just before the end of today’s lecture time, the assignment about Scientific Integrity was explained. The 400 students were divided in groups of 18 people with different subjects. This resulted in a harmless form of chaos where everyone was looking for their group members. Some bright minds wrote their group number on a piece of paper and held it into the air, an idea which was soon followed by others.

After some time, our group was complete and we took off to a quieter place for discussion. We eventually settled in the library and completed our assignment. Pro tip: Google Slides documents with nineteen people causes a certain entropy. We are excited what tomorrow will bring!

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