• Blog day 4: Workshops and discussions

      We are nearing the end of an amazing introductory week, but not before we had these discussions about scientific integrity. On Tuesday, we prepared presentations about several subjects and today was the day to present them to our fellow students. There were three different rounds with different groups and subjects, all in the Rupert building.

    • Blog Day 3: Should you stay or should you go?

      Today, the third day of the ILS, was all about our choices and opportunities both during and after our time at the GSLS. Early on Wednesday morning I arrived at the Hijmans van den Bergh building to find the whole place crowded with bicycles. After taking some time to find a spot to cram my

    • Blog Day 2: Scientific Integrity and Scientific Entropy

      After all the wonderful and new experiences yesterday had brought us, it was already time for the second day of the ILS. Today, we had the opportunity to gather in one of the buildings of the Utrecht Science Park: the Educatorium, where we were expected in the great lecture hall Theatron (with considerably more comfortable

    • Blog Day 1: Welcome to the Graduate School of Life Sciences!

      This coming week Erik and I, two brand new Graduate School of Life Sciences (GSLS) students, will be attending the ‘Introducing Life Sciences’ (ILS) course. This one week course will welcome and introduce us to the GSLS and our master programmes. Erik is starting the Molecular and Cellular Life Sciences programme and I am starting

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